Ilse-Marie Dames

Ilse-Marie holds a law degree from the Utrecht University (The Netherlands) as well as a master’s degree on European Union law from the Autonomous University of Madrid and after validating her title in Spain, she joined the Madrid Bar Association as a qualified lawyer. Ilse-Marie speaks Dutch, Spanish, English, French and German and she has a wide experience in the field of determination of procedural strategies and international communication, as well as in litigations. Her efficiency skills can be underlined in counselling international clients and cross-border case management.

Ilse-Marie started her professional career at the public prosecuting authorities in the Netherlands and in addition to that she has over 10 years’ working experience in international law firms, counselling cases related to international insurance contracts while representing insurance companies as well as their insurees, construction companies, estate promotors, concerning different types of claims.

Work highlights

  • Legal assistance in proceedings, both of civil and criminal nature in various cases regarding traffic accidents. Amongst others, Ilse-Marie has participated in the legal defence of a Dutch travel agency regarding a severe traffic accident of one of their buses in Spain, that caused numerous victims of several nationalities.
  • Providing legal advice to a foreign company on the purchase (buying price > 10 million euro), construction, development and later operating of a holiday village in Spain.
  • Providing legal advice and representing international insurance companies in cases related to different kinds of civil claims. Providing legal assistance both on extrajudicial and judicial level in cases such as personal injuries and medical malpractices.
  • Providing legal defence in various criminal proceedings in Spain, with important media repercussion in the Netherlands, amongst others several cases related to international criminal organizations.


  • Insurance and Reasurance
  • Health
  • Tourism
  • Construction
  • Property/ Real Estate


  • Contractual and profesional civil liability
  • Civil liability for injuries and harm caused by traffic acidents.
  • Negotiation process
  • Insurance law
  • Commercial law
  • Health law
  • Construction law
  • Criminal law